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[Jan. 22nd, 2004|10:22 pm]


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This weeks transcription!
(Sorry I didn't post it earlier - have been busy)

*intro music starts up*

*hyde grins and bounces down the stairs, stopping in the middle to wait for Gackt*

audience: *cheers*

*Gackt meanders down slowly a few seconds later, smiling and waving to the crowd*

g: *walks over to the sofa* And so here we are again.

g: Do you think they're getting bored of us yet? *peers sceptically into the audience*

h: probably. *yawn*

g: Are we keeping you up?

h: yeah...

g: Ahh. Doctor Gackt says too much sex. But that's impossible, right?

h: @___@ hyde has had too much sex today.

g: Damn... there goes my amusement for the evening........ Anyway. Entertaining though we are, this is always the most boring part of the evening.

h: when it's just us. I'm going to go play with the quails. Entertain the audience.

g: Uhm. *pulls out a few things from his pockets and juggles them hopefully*

audience: *applaude*

g: No, this isn't working. Cut to the Quail cam.

*shots of quails.. and Hyde's hands* *voiceover=(Gackt) These things are always more funny when we're not being watched.*

h: introduce our guests?

g: Okay, forget this. Let's just introduce tonight's guests and be done with it. Why the hell aren't we funny!?

g: Anyway. Last night, we very uninformatively revealed that this week's guest was a "Mystery Guest".

g: I bet you were all thrilled by that. But anyway - Tonight, we bring to you two very special people-

h: *interrupts* Me!!

audience: *giggle*

g: what?!

audience fan girls: we love Haido!!!!!!

g: >> Why do they all love YOU, not ME!?

h: *shuts up and plays with quails*

g: ANYWAY. >>; *grumble*

audience fan girls: Gackto-sannnnn!!!!


g: *glares at the audience pointedly* Anyway. Introduci-

h: *interrupts* that reminds me.

g: What NOW!?

h: the other day, I saw a novelty mug.

h: it was in the shape of a toilet bowl. A western toilet...

Audience: *giggling in the background*

g: What on earth has that got to do with anything?!

h: *looks shocked* How will we ever be able to drink apple juice again?!

audience: *high pitched giggles*

g: >>; out of glasses?

h: Ahh. good plan %_%

g: *sigh* Can I get on with it now?

g: You know, it was at that point you were all supposed to confess your undying love for me.

g: *waits* Ach, forget it. I don't need any of you. INTROD-

h: *interrupts* Love you~ *chu*

g: GWAH *falls over*

Audience: *Awwws* *__*

g: *siiiiiigh* Are we done?

Audience: *chorus of "haaaaaaai~"s*

g: Everybody? *looks at Hyde* Including you?

h: *claps two hands over his mouth*

g: Okay, good, great, fantastic, right. Introducing tonight's guests - Kaz and Anna - SPIN AQUA!

h: *applaud~*

*enter Kaz*

Audience: *cheering and clapping*

anna: *half skips down the stairs after Kaz, waving to the audience*

K: *grins*

g: *gets up and shakes Kaz's hand* Hey, what's up, take a seat~

h: *smiles at Anna* ~ you can sit with meeee?

K: *grins and sits*

anna: *laugh*

g: *kisses Anna's hand* Welcome to the show...

K: Watch that one, Anna.

K: No, watch that one too.

h: Which one? *looks innocent*

Audience: *mild giggling*

anna: *in English* I've been advised to speak English to you, very fast so you can't understand me. Well, that's a lie - I wasn't advised to, I decided to.

g: o____o uh. Please take a seat?

h: ORO??!! *__*

Kaz: *blink*

anna: *chuckles, and moves past Gackt to sit next to Hyde*

h: ... you speak english?!

K: She's American.

Audience: *confused laughter* ..? ^o^;

a: Yeah *laugh* Half American - born and bred in America.

h: ahhh~ suuugoiiii~

h: Shame you're not English. Gackt goes crazy for english girls.

g: *sits on the outside of the sofa, next to Kaz*

g: *sticks tongue out*

K: *laughs*

anna: *chuckle* Would it be safe for him to be crazy about me?

h: safe for him? Sure.

h: Safe for you is another matter

Audience: *knowing laughs*

a: *laughs* so you're a ladies man then, Gackt?

K: *laughs again*

g: *goes sliiiightly pink around the cheeks*

K: A little from column a, a little from column b.

h: *points at self* I'm no lady.

a: Oh, *perfectly honestly* you swing that way?

g: O_O; Uh. Um. Erk.

K: *laughs again*

audience: *fangirlish giggles and squeals*

h: no swinging. Spreading ^^;

K: poor Gackto.

a: *giggle*

a: *leans back on the sofa* It's a nice colour.

k: It is.

g: What, the sofa?

h: no, your cheeks.
k: your cheeks.
a: *chuckle* Actually, I meant your face.

h: *laughs*

a: But the sofa is nice too.

k: *laughs*

g: ... *makes a face*

k: no, not so pretty.

h: Yus he is. He's sexy and great in bed too.

a: Well, I suppose you can tell us all about it later, hm?

k: you could discuss sex, while me and gackt have manly talks about beer. grrr.

h: sure.

g: Yeah, uh. I like beer.

a: *gets up and steps over to the quails* So these must be your famous quails then?

k: *grins*

a: *looks down at the quails* They're a safer bet than Kaz's pet.

g: A Pineapple?

K: I like my pet.

k: ocelot.

h: I have a pet. A cactus.

g: OCELOT!? And I'm not allowed a dinosaur. That's favouritism.

k: but these are cute too. *pets quail*

h: You want a dragon too.

g: Yeah ... ^_^

audience: *makes crooning noises*

k: *places a quail on his head*

g: *looks at Quail* Ahh. Rikku - she's Masa's favourite.

a: *scoops out a quail and sits back next to Hyde* So which one is this?

h: *ggl* That's Kyandii - Gackt's quail~

k: *takes quail off head and sits back down*

h: watch out, she's kinda funny.

k: Kyandii, like...err...sweets?

h: Yea. Candy

K: mmm

a: *gets up and hands kyandii over to Gackt*

g; *chirps at quail*

a: *sits back next to Haidou*

a: *turns to face him brashly* You're pretty cute yourself, aren't you?

k: she said that to me the first time we met. well, she said, 'what a lovely pair of pants', but the effect was the same.

h: *tiny blush*

h: ... uh..

a: *chuckles*

a: I like your set.

a: And I like your audience.. I want that girl's fashion sense *points*

k: and I want her hat.

Audience: *laughter*

a: It's a nice hat, isn't it?

Pointed out Fangirl: *blush* *hides under hat*

g: *still chatting away with Kyandii*

k: we spent at least an hour chasing this guy round LA the other week, because she liked his belt.

k: yes. yes it is.

h: *smiling*

a: *giggle* Oh, you mock me now, but when I am belt queen of the world...

Fangirl: *considering buying more hats*

a: Gackt? Are you still with us?

g: *looks up* hm?

a: *chuckle* Did you catch that on camera? You could actually see him tuning into the wavelength of reality!

Audience: *laughter*

g: uh... *looks at Anna blankly*

a: What are we waiting for exactly? Do we want me to take control of the station or something?

h: ... *___* control me....

a: *looks at Hyde* Well, we could go make our own private channel?

h: ....

k: and talk about fashion.

a: Well... yeah, I guess we *could* talk about fashion.

g: *slightly louder than necessary* So, Kaz. What have you been up to today?

Audience: *laugh @ Gakkun*

k: I ate a roast pepper.

h: .. we could talk about fashion...

a: yeah, I guess.. or we could get to know each other a little be-


*shots of quails looking confused* *voiceover: (audience)*squeals of delight*

Audience: *"awwwwwwwwwwwwwww~!!" at t3h Quails*

k: *rushes to put quail back in enclosure*

Audience: *watch as Quails drops into view of camera and looks bewildered* *several loud "Eeeeeeeeeee~!!"s*

k: ^^;;

voiceover: (Gackt) You were right, you know haido- they DO get better ratings than us.

Audience: *giggling*

h: so... getting to know you a little better...

Audience: *small "Aww.." when Quails go away* *fix attentions on Hyde*

k: yess.

a: well, I'm 19 years old, and I used to be a model. *chuckle*

Audience: *gasp*

k: *nudges and winks at g*

g: O_O Nineteen!?

h: ... 19...?

g: I thought you were about... 24, perhaps!

a: *laugh* Tell me that when I'm 32, and I'm all yours.

h: ... I'm nearly twice your age O_O

Audience: *chuckle*

h: I think I'll go cry now...

a: Well, I'll be twenty in March..

k: she is most mature and sensible. it's good, because otherwise i'd get called a dirty old man.

a: You're old enough to be my dad about twenty times over, Kachan *grin* and you STILL behave like an 8yr old

k: True. But you can still almost drink me under the table.

a: *grins* Match made in heaven.

k: *laugh*

a: *grins at Hyde* You're welcome to come join me for a drinking-kaz-under-the-table-session sometime.

h: *laugh* Might take you up on that.

a: Who knows, if you can beat him, we could dance together. *grin*

K: fun will be had by all, except the yeast.

K: *laughs*

a: It's true - Nobody thinks of the yeast...

K: I never knew you thought of me like that...just as a comodity to be dumped when you find someone cuter....*sniff*

a: Well, this *is* Hyde we're talking about.

a: I mean, how else am I going to further my career!?

k: fair enough. if i was gay, i'd go for him.

k: =P

a: Exactly.

h: There's enough to go round?

a: Oh, there must be. *suddenly bursts out laughing*

h: what?!

a: His FACE! *points at Gackt*

*camera zooms in on Gackt who is pouting and fuming*

g: *blanks face out* *glares slightly*

audience: *giggle*

k: s'ok mate. we'll go get drunk too.

g: Just you and me?

k: if you like.

k: we can go out on the pull after, too.

g: Oh okay, where?

a: *turns to Hyde* So go on, tell me about you then.

k: welll...i know loads of good places in shinjuku, or there's LA, or San Fransisco.

g: Or Brighton.

h: I'm sexy, and I can sing. *nod*

k: yess.....

g: *calls over* He does other tricks too! *turns back to Kaz* Or... not.

g: Where would two guys like us go to pick up a couple nice girls?

k: London maybe? Never been there.

h: I have. I didnt pick up any girls.

k: damn.

a: where did you look?

h: all over ;__;

a: Go to Soho? *sly grin* Plenty of pretty girls out for a good time there.

h: ... soho?

k: prositutes.

a: So-Ho, get it? *chuckle*

h: ahh. no.

a: You're so adoreably naieve... *smile* Kaz, can we follow this one for a bit later? Maybe we can steal his pants!

k: sure, ok.

g: O__O!

h: *stares at Anna* my pants..?

a: Oh, and the other one *looks at Gackt* What was your name again? I quite like his shirt.

g: >>;

k: *laughs so hard he falls on the floor*

a: *blink* no... seriously....

h: Gacchan~ *kisses him on the cheek*

g: *grimaces*

a: Gacchan. *speaks English* "Do you speak English?"

g: *curtly* "Yes."

a: *eng* "Ah, so how are you today?"

g: ... "Fine. >>; And yourself?"

a: *eng* "Great. What did you do today?"

g: *eng* Uh... ...... "played samusic, 'm a little talking to Hyde, I... stayed at-hom. A lot"

k: it's just like english class at school.

a: He's not so bad, Kaz *bats him lightly* You told me he was completely illiterate when he came to speaking English!

g: *LOOKS at Kaz*

h: ??

k: heh. i was talking about french, i expect. ^^;

a: *chuckle* I'm only kidding, guys. Geez, you'd think Gacchan could take a joke. And perhaps you were talking about French.

h: isnt illiterate to do with writing?

k: oui, natrei mon.

a: The only think I can say in French is "Sleep with me" or something similar...

k: vollez vous...

a: Yeah. probably. *laugh* I couldn't remember the word for it

h: I got it right?

k: *gets upn and starts singing lady marmalade*

h: but how can gackt be illiterate? he hasnt written anything

a: voullez vous cochez avec moi?

h: uhm, yes.

k: *laughs*

a: I don't know, I heard he was left handed, is that true?

g: Ambidextrous.

h: ...why dont you ask him?

audience: *giggle*

h: his name is Gackt.

a: *looks round* Oh, hello - have we met somewhere before?

g: *sulk*

a: *grin* Aw, come off it - I'm only kidding, you know that.

h: Stop making fun of himmmm~

k: anna-chan, be nice.

k: heh

a: I am nice. I'm lovely, and sweet and model in my underpants.

h: c'mon, I'm easier to make fun of. Lay off gacchiii~

g: U.U

k: *blink* yesss...

a: I dunno, I think he's pretty easy to make fun of...

h: *sticks tongue out*

a: I've been doing it ever since I got here. *grin*

h: I suggest we all play snakes and ladders.

a: Perhaps this is going to become a regular thing - I saw last week's episode - you challenged Matchy-san and Dai-san to a game of Dance Dance - maybe you should challenge me this week?

k: yes!

g: snakes and ladders... I've already discussed this with somebody once this week.

k: i bet you have...*nudge nudge, wink wink*

g: *feigns confusement*

a: *stretches* Hm.

k: hmm?

h: I'm bored.

a: Me too.

g: Cut to the Quail Cam while we think of something.

voiceover: (Gackt) How about naked mud wrestling?

k: i bet on anna.

h: You _always_ suggest naked mud wrestling.

a: Who said I was participating!? O_O!

g: Well, it's _always_ a good idea.

k: *laughs*

K: wat about cookery?

a: Actually, Kaz and I have been practising a song for you guys. *smirk*

h: You have?

a: It's called Tenshi no Taiyou.

k: yesss...

h: *laugh* cute.

a: *grin* You say that now...

k: say it in English, it sounds cool.

h: .. "Angel's Light"?

a: ... *grin*

h: *blushes slightly n takes a bow*

a: Well, actually. It has a couple of meanings. *chuckle* *nudges kaz*

k: *claps*

K: heheh

h: ...?

a: because it is not written in kanji.

a: It also means "Angel's Important Point". Which is what we have brought to you today.

k: *laughs*

a: Or "Angel's Terms".

h: ... O___o?

a: If you give us a couple minutes, we'll go get set up and play it for you. *chuckle*

g: .................?

h: *whispers* gacchi~I'm scared....

g: *nod* me too.

k: *grabs his guitar from behind stage*

a: *scurries over to the mic* Can you all hear me out there?

k: yess!

audience: ~haiiii!~

a: Great. Ready kachan? One.. Two.. One Two Three Four!!

K: *strums, manicly*

*Spin Aqua launch into the song, which is a rockout spoof of Roentgen + orenji no taiyou, all about TenshiHyde telling Gackt what he can and cannot do if he wants them to be together*

Mayonaka no ato de Gakuto wa kichigai desu~

This is a message from me to you,
The man who calls me "Tenshi"
I think I'd best set a few ground rules
Of which I now shall mention

You call me sexy, you call me sweet,
You often say "my angel"
I wish you'd stop discussing your "meat"
Over the breakfast table.

You're horny in the evenings,
Of this I can't complain
But you're horny in the mornings too,
You're really quite a pain

You tell me you don't enjoy smut,
You think it's wrong when it's me,
It's not too much of a problem, but...
When you hide in the shower, I see.

You've been watching me since last September,
Bathing, and changing too
I don't really mind, just remember
That when you see me, I see you.

You call me darling, your "Sweet Vanilla"
It's all very well,

You're the sexiest man in all of this land
No matter what you think
But one more thing, I'm afraid you're banned
From leaving your socks in the siiiink.

h: *blushing*

k: *joins in on siiiiiink, harmonising*

g: *has shifted across and snuggles up to Hyde* o___O:

h: .. holdme...

a: *bows to the audience and grins*

k: *laughs* thank you everyone, this has been Haiku. I'm Kaz, this is the lovely Anna....

we are Spin Aqua!

k: and while Gackt goes off to err...'counsel' Haido-san, we'd like to say thank you.

a: Thankyou very much! Goodnight! And if Hyde wants to meet up for a drink, my cell number will be found on a postit note in his dressing room.

h: O____o

k: *rolls eyes* she's encouragable, but wat ya gunna do..

a: In the meantime, thanks for being a great bunch, thanks to Gackt for not killing me, and thanks to pineapples, for... well, just, thanks.

a: *waves and walks off up the stairs*

h: ... you know... once... we hosted this show.

k: *kisses Gackt, Hyde and runs up after Anna, kissing her too*

g: *looks at Hyde* Did we say they could go?

h: no. Wanna chase them?

g: You go, I'm too lost in melancholia.

h: how come you're in melancholia?

g: The brochure looked interesting.

h: ahh. Well, I'll go hunt those scoundrels down. *grin* *kissu gackt* Oh, and by the way viewers?

h: I fancy the pants off this guy. *kissu again*

g: *smile*

h: Right! To the lobby~! *charges off*

g: Well that's them gone for the rest of the evening.

g: *points* You, amuse me. *clicks fingers*

audience: O_O

fangirl: *stands up* ...it'su made mo kimi dake wa....

g: *looks shocked* ...!! *breaks out into a really genuine smile*

*falters but keeps singing~*

g: you wanna come down here and sing with me?

fangirl: *uberblush**sits down*

g: *chuckle* I was serious, you know.

girl: *nuclear reaction occuring in cheeks*

g: *keeps smiling at her*

g: yukkuru ni~

girl:...kimi to mi ta....

g: orenji no...

girl: ...*gulp* ta-i-you-u

g: Nakisouna~

girl: ...ka-o o shi-te...

g: eien no... *waits for her to start singing, then joins in for sayonara*

girl: ...sayona-ra~...

g: *beams and claps*

fangirl: *deeeeeeeep bow*

g: *smile*

g: *looks around* Well. This is why I have a solo career, not a solo TV show.

hyde: *runs in* I think I lost them. *covered in lipstick marks, suspiciously close to Anna's shade

g: Hmmm. I wonder where they could be - hiding in a broom cupboard perhaps?

h: I dunno, but it all turned downhill when Kaz grabbed a lipstick andchased _me_.

g: *LAUGH*

g: *points* I like this one, Haidou~

h: Hmm?

g: This girl, she has a very beautiful voice.

h: Oh! how did you find that out?

g: She sang for me ^__^

girl: *if blushes were wounds, she would have bled to death by now.*

h: *smile* that's beautiful.

g: *nods*

h: so... what can we do for her?

g: Well, I was trying to think of something, but I drew a blank.

Next Week's Guest - DAIGO STARDUST?!


"Tenshi no Taiyou
Lovely Dear sings very well
Spin Aqua take over"


"Haiku, oh so mad
We pet the fluffy qua-il
And talk of music"

"Gackt can't take a joke
But we love him anyway <3
Hyde likes my lipstick"

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2004-01-26 11:36 am (UTC)
"Haiku, oh so mad
We pet the fluffy qua-il
And talk of music"

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