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Update [Feb. 11th, 2004|12:29 am]


[mood |crappylow]
[music |Sad Mask ~ Syndrome]

So, once again, Haiku didn't happen.

I can tell you for sure now that it would have contained references to HydeNum, eating Hyde, and other such exhilarating content.

I've been a little busy in some very serious dealings with Yu~ki, Youkun and promotional work this week, and it shall remain the same next week, so who knows - Haiku is on hiatus until the week after next is what seems to be about right. but who knows.

Beginning to think this was a bad idea - Hyde and I are far too busy leading double or even triple lives to hold this schedule so rigidly.

Still diligently working on Cube in my free time, for all those of you who are curious.