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Gackt X Hyde

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The 100% Official Haiku homepage.

Here, we will host transcriptions of interviews and the hot debates occuring in Haiku, every Tuesday night.

The show was first aired on the 30th December 2003, however transcriptions are currently unavailable for the first two episodes. Let's just say the first one involved quails, and the second involved multicoloured bread and inflateable sumo wrestling.

Your hosts are:
Gackt and Hyde

Week Three - Yoshiki Hayashi (X-Japan) - script
Week Four - Masa, Matchy and Dai of SPIKY! - script
Week Five - Kaz and Anna of Spin Aqua - script
Week Six - Daigo Stardust - script
Week Seven, Eight and Nine - Didn't Happen.
Week Ten - Chachamaru -script
Week Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen - Didn't Happen.
Week Fifteen - Gackt is Away
Week Sixteen and Seventeen - Gackt and Hyde are away on business.
Week Eighteen - ???

Gackt v Guest feat. Pretty Hyde